Thursday, July 5, 2012


Summer trips to the pool are a great way to dive into some old-fashioned fun with your family.

Practice basic swimming skills like kicking or floating with your younger kids.

If your children are capable swimmers try some of these classic pool games. If you don’t remember the rules, don’t worry. We’ll catch you up on the basics.

Marco Polo
Who doesn't love this fun water game of tag? One person is ‘it’ and counts (usually underwater) as the other participants scatter around the pool. When the person who is it comes up, she yells ‘Marco,’ keeping her eyes closed. The other participants respond with Polo! This call and response continues until the person who is ‘it’ tags someone.
It only takes two to play this classic pool game, but the more the merrier.

Simon Says
This traditional game takes an exciting twist when you’re in the pool. Players all line up with the exception of one player who is designated ‘Simon.’ Simon calls out directions for the other players. (Some examples of commands are jump, twist, dunk underwater, or cannonball in the pool). Players who don't follow Simon's orders are eliminated. The last player standing wins.

London Bridge
Two players stand in the water holding each other's hands shoulder level forming a 'bridge'. The other players then walk below the bridge one by one. Each time a player passes under the bridge, the bridge is lowered. Eventually the players must swim under the water to cross the bridge. This helps strengthen your child’s agility, concentration and coordination. It’s also a lot of fun!

Sharks and Minnows
This is the pool version of tag. One player is designated the chaser and must count to a certain number before chasing other players. The player tagged by the chaser then becomes the new chaser. Just remind your children to be mindful of other’s space in the pool.

Pool Rule
Remember, only play these pool games with a lifeguard or responsible adult watching.

We hope to see you at one of our Y pools.

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