Monday, June 6, 2011

YMCA Youth Rally 2011: We're Ready for Summer!

Y Youth Staff Paying Attention
What happens when you gather 850 YMCA Staff, add some fun videos, play loud music and learn new cheers? You have the 2011 Youth Rally!

On June 4, all of our Y Youth Staff (before school, after school, summer day camp, tracking out and nursery) met at the Raleigh Convention Center to get motivated and energized about the summer season.

We Like Skits @ the Y
They also had a lot of fun. (Sorry the pictures aren't so great. That's what happens when you're laughing hard!)

You may have seen the comment on this blog from one of our Y friends last week.

Caryn wrote, "There is no organization I trust more with my child!"

What a great compliment, Caryn. We take this youth stuff pretty seriously.

Click here to watch one of the videos Y staff created. Just another reason to be a part of the Y! 

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