Monday, April 25, 2011

You Can’t Spell Family Without the Y

Each day at our YMCA, thousands of children learn new skills, make new friends and follow the lead of their counselors.
Terry Lewis, a senior at North Carolina State University, is an after school counselor at the Alexander Family YMCA. As Terry shares, sometimes Y counselors learn just as much as the kids!

Is this Wacky Wednesday?

The term family doesn’t have to be limited to just the people you’re related to. A family can be any group of people that you feel a close bond with. Thanks to the Y, I have a very large family.
I started out working summer camp at the Alexander Y in the summer of 2010. I came into training only knowing one person.
Ask anyone. They'll tell you I was a very reserved guy at first. Not long after training ended, I was thrown into the chaos and excitement that is summer camp. That's when I realized how blessed I was. I was no longer that reserved guy at training, but a counselor who loved every minute of his job.
The relationships I formed with my staff and campers are what opened me up. They allowed me to have a memorable summer.
I still work for the Y as an after school counselor at Stough Elementary. The people I work with aren’t just my co-workers, but my family. Outside of the Y, we go out to eat, take trips, and just hang out together.
I know when I leave the Y, I’ll always have a family to rely on.

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