Monday, April 25, 2011

YMCA Guides & Princesses: I Remember

More than 13,000 fathers and their children participate in YMCA Guides & Princesses. Small groups, known as tribes, make up the Arapahoe Nation. Brendan Bailey recalls the time he spent in the program with his children.

When fathers, sons and daughters think back to their time together in YMCA Guides & Princesses, the first words you hear are “I remember.” These words are followed by memory after memory of the great times they spent together in this wonderful program.

I was fortunate enough to be in the YMCA Indian Guides in Charlotte in the early 1970s with my father. The memories I formed with my father are still with me today. It was very important to me to share some of the same experiences with my kids. 

I have two children in the program. Aaron “Tough Bull” is now 15 years old. Aaron will mark this year’s Spring Outing by driving his old dad to camp. My daughter Ashlyn “Fuzzy Kitty” is 11. This is her 5th year in the program.  While our tribes may have disbanded, we continue to spend time together by volunteering at Fall and Spring Outings, Orientation meetings and more. 

The time I  spent in the program with my two children has definitely brought us all closer. Joining the YMCA Guides & Princesses will strengthen your relationship with your child and create memories that will last forever. You’ll also have a great time together.   

From tribe meetings and camping, to Polar Bear swims and Kite Day; from Fall Outing and Winter Inning to the highlight of each year, Spring Outing at Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer, each year is full of fun activities that will bring you closer to your child.


Brendan Bailey “Red Cloud”
2007 Arapahoe Nation Nation Chief

To learn more about Y Guides & Princesses, visit the Arapahoe Nation website.

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